Never miss an update about what is going on in vScope

Missing changes occurring in the datacenter can be critical. That is why we invented vScope. So, staying updated with information about vScope can be a good idea. Therefore, vScope 2.9.6 comes with a notification center!

Notification center added in vScope – Don’t miss anything out

Notification Center

From now on, users can easily find important information and notifications outside their email inbox and directly in vScope.


The new Notification Center enables an accessible list with the latest updates about vScope. Information about shared tables, updates of vScope and administrative notifications are presented to the user under the notification bell in the header of vScope.

Additional features

New Feature: Quick Discovery

Quick Discovery is a new feature that lets users quickly Discover information of a newly added resource. Instead of running full Discovery or waiting for the scheduled Discovery to start – easily start a Quick Discovery by:


1. In Discovery Manager – Click the more option dropdown

2. Entering a target

3. Start Discovery

This will gather all available information about the added target(s). The targets will of course also be Discovered during the scheduled Discovery.

NOTICE: Quick Discovery is only possible on targets within ranges already added to vScope Discovery Manager

Track down important dependencies with the new database tags

vScope is able to easily map and visualize hidden dependencies in the datacenter. The tag “Connected Databases and systems” adds a new perspective to quickly overview dependencies from servers to databases.

The tag can be displayed in two views. From a table in Table Explorer…

connected databases & systems

…and from a server page in Machine Properties.

connected databases

Overall improvements

  • Improved AD integration when loading external users and groups
  • Improved tracker case for WMI
  • More stable proxy functionality

Various bug fixes

  • Fix for Base DN settings bug
  • Added functionality to remove mail recipients with backspace

Fix release v2.9.7

Overall improvements

  • Add search field for finding users to push user settings to
  • Added initial support for discoveries with WinRM
  • Changed time stamp in notifications
  • Improved push settings – splitting follow and mute cases option
  • Improved scrolling functionality
  • LDAP Probe: Add support for querying Global Catalog
  • New user template endpoint is now located under user accounts
  • New dyntag for VMware VM version

Various bug fixes

  • Fix for problems pushing user settings
  • Fix for hidden “only show” option  i Table explorer
  • Fix for user being able to access UI without entering setup page
  • Hide “Interest text” when visiting other user’s profile
  • Hide licensing information for non admins
  • Hide notification center if the license has expired
  • Lower refresh rate for notification status
  • MSSQL: Fix for ignoring MAC addresses
  • No longer send emails to users without emails
  • Overflow fixes in containers

Fix release v2.9.8

A major fix release that improves vScope’s stability and optimizes its data gathering.

Overall improvements20

  • Added tag Max Size tag for database
  • Add traffic type to port description under proxy in Discovery Wizard
  • Add new CIM association: ManagesAccount
  • Added various tooltips for Internet Connectivity
  • Database usage tags are now hidden from timeline by default
  • MS SQL Probe now fallbacks to NTLMv2 when logging in to MS SQL server
  • Improved VMware Probe
  • Improved WMI Probe
  • Improved Quick Discovery functionality
  • Set default value of query/translate of domain accounts to false
  • Skip list is now a global setting in vScope – All skipped targets are fully ignored
  • The skip list functionality has now been moved to settings tab in Discovery Manager
  • vScope no longer sends emails after license expired

Various bug fixes

  • Added missing tag “Owner” for SQL jobs
  • Azure probe now uses proxy settings in vScope
  • Changes in AD are now correctly shown in vScope
  • Fix for ValueFormat for dyntag Amazon EC2 Hourly Rate
  • Fix for clustered MS SQL databases that is not Discovered by vScope
  • Fix for duplicate servers in “History Browsing”
  • Fix for exception thrown when trying to rescan a server from Machine Properties
  • Fix for invalid DNS-settings on windows 2003 servers
  • Fix for invalid Mac address reported in vScope
  • Fix for negative usage ratio on SAN storage pools
  • Fix for stitch error
  • Fix for web-proxy issue in AWS-probe
  • LDAPs now uses default port 636
  • Reusing credentials for MS SQL no longer results in “Untrusted domain error”