vScope v2.9.9 is here – adding new functionality and improvements that makes this the best vScope version ever!

Omnisearch – Everything you need to know in one place

The Omnisearch functionality lets you access any machine from one single input field. This is a great feature when navigating among your resources on the Properties page. Just enter what you are looking for and select it from the dropdown.


The results dropdown consists of five main elements that provides you with all necessary information about your resources.



Additional features

Improved stitching functionality – Making vScope Discoveries more stable than ever

Optimizations of the sticher in vScope have been implemented to save more RAM memory and improved vScopes overall performance.


Import targets from CSV-files

vScope 2.9.9 supports imports of targets from an CSV-file. This is currently only accessible through the API but will enable much faster setup of larger IT environments.


New Database module in BETA mode now in vScope

We are currently working on a major upgrade of vScope in forms of different modules. Our latest modul is called vScope Database and is accessible in vScope during its BETA-phase. Licensing vScope Database will give you access to the new Database properties view that aggregates everything you need to know about your databases. In one-single-view.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – vScope Database requires a separate license but is offered as complementary during BETA-phase.


Overall improvements

  • Several new tags added related to Oracle DB (Only available in vScope Database)
  • New resource: Oracle Schemas (Ony available in vScope Database)
  • Added fix for user class that was not working correctly in Windows Server 2013 environments
  • Added support for “hops” in the vScope model to enable better relationships view
  • vScope now converts invalid characters reported by SNMP back to ÅÄÖ

Various bug fixes

  • Fix for “Delayed insert timeout” – MySQL
  • Fix for erroneous timestamp
  • Fix for not being able to get tag from related resource
  • Hide “Model Actor Pruner” from Timeline by default
  • More stable VMware probe not failing on duplicate UUIDS
  • SNMP now clears errors from printers that no longer is discovered by vScope
  • Updated description on tracker cases

Fix release: vScope v2.9.10

Overall improvements

  • Added “Max Size” tag to Database Properties page
  • Automatically hide empty boxes from relationship view
  • Improved tracker cases
  • Improved MSSQL probe making it more stable
  • WinRM now supports encrypted traffic

Various bug fixes

  • Fix for front-end not updating automatically
  • Fix for invalid sharing link
  • No longer 404 error when trying to open Printers on properties page
  • Links on Properties page to related resources are no longer broken
  • RDP is now back on the properties page

Fix release: vScope v2.9.11 & v2.9.12

6 December 2016

Overall improvements

  • Added support to specify port settings during Discovery of MS SQL
  • Click any value to plot a graph or show the history timeline on the Properties page
  • Improved Tag “OS Version” on H3C, HP and 3Com Switchar
  • vScope now collects information about group settings of local Windows users

Various bug fixes

  • Improved WinRM probe
  • Fix for duplicate Instance ID Discovering Oracle clusters
  • Fix for proxy installations not updating

Fix release: vScope v2.9.13

6 Februari 2017

A major fix release that involves many new improvements.

Overall improvements

  • Added option to remove disabled users from LDAP Discovery
  • Improved database engine (Kevas2)
  • Improved integration with directory services
  • Improved probes including WMI, MS SQL and Azure
  • Improved RawPing probe
  • Improved Tracker functionality with a better selction feature
  • New Tracker cases for Windows Updates and Adobe Flash
  • Online Support now directly within vScope
  • Video resources are now available in the cog wheel dropdown in vScope

Various bug fixes

  • Changed timespan now updates plot
  • Credential not saved on target float in Discovery Manager
  • Entering Properties page no longer throws error message if resource does not exist
  • Exporting tables now results in same format
  • Fix for manual licensing bug
  • Fix for missing Windows Firewall information
  • Fix for overflow on properties page
  • Fix for Tracker Case “Last Patch date”
  • Fixed timestamp format in vScope Tracker
  • The “Selection-dot-offset-bug” on scroll is now fixed
  • Windows 2000 is now categorized as client OS