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Inventory Clients & Laptops via SCCM

NEWS - APRIL 23, 2019 Inventory laptops and servers from SCCM vScope 3.8 introduces a new datasource to be used for laptop & server inventory: Microsoft SCCM If you are not well-versed with Microsoft SCCM you will be happy to hear that vScope now supports inventory of Microsoft SCCM. SCCM extends Active Directory and Windows as the main data source for laptop and server information in vScope. This means that you will have

April 23rd, 2019|

The Top Challenges For IT Operations Managers

The Top Challenges For IT Operations Managers IT Operations Managers have a big responsibility. They are managing an increasingly complex infrastructure while at the same time handling demands from business units, control costs and ensure that IT delivers as expected without interruptions. It's a tough role with filled with challenges and headaches. Grand challenges for IT Operations Managers We interviewed a number of IT Operations Managers about the challenges in their day to day

September 17th, 2018|

Release notes 3.5

3.5 Billing of IT resources and automatic documentation of IIS services vScope 3.5 bridges the gap between infrastructure and services with support for IIS web services. It also introduces support for billing and enhanced cost control of IT. Bring transparency and accuracy to IT billing Streamline your IT billing process with automatic collection and pricing of resources. vScope Billing is for organizations struggling with cost control, tedious invoicing processes or just lacking insights about

September 14th, 2018|

InfraSight Labs Sponsors World Champions

InfraSight Labs Sponsors World Champions During the summer of 2018, the Swedish national team, sponsored by InfraSight Labs, traveled to China to participate in the World Rope Skipping Championship. It was a great success to say the least and the team won several medals, including Gold. Medal rain in Shanghai InfraSight Labs sponsored the Swedish national team in rope skipping for the World Championship in China. The  championship resulted in five medals, including the

September 3rd, 2018|
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