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Learn the basics of vScope.

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Learn about the different features in vScope Core.

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Learn from 30-60s videos showing you how to quickly benefit from vScope.

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vScope Academy

Detailed demonstrations to let you make the most out of vScope. Great videos to get started with!

Lesson 1 – Setup vScope


Every day vScope gathers information from your datacenter during so called Discoveries. These are platform independent and lets vScope cross-relate data from any part in your datacenter.

Learn more about Discovery Manager

Lesson 2 – Reporting with Table Explorer


vScope Table Explorer lets you build dynamic IT documentation in form of tables. The power of vScope Table Explorer is that the information displayed in the tables can be of any kind and from any resource in your datacenter.

Learn more about Table Explorer

Lesson 3 – Built-in analysis with Tracker


vScope Tracker offers automated cross-platform analysis of IT to make organizations become more proactive in their workflow resulting in a more solid IT foundation. Tracker is digital expert consultant providing operational insights with concrete suggestions for action.

Learn more about Tracker

Features in vScope

Learn more about a specific feature in vScope.

Lesson 3 – Built-in analysis with Tracker


Tags come either out-of-the-box in vScope or are defined by the user. User-defined tags gives you the power to include your IT organization’s tacit knowledge into vScope and let you build build customized analysis around this information.

Short use-cases

Quick tips & tricks

In this case, vScope lets you quickly identify all servers that have Adobe Flash installed. These servers may be targets for Locky Ransomware due to a security hole in Adobe Flash.

Ransomware is a type of malware that holds a victim’s computer “hostage”. The attacker typically blocks off access to the system until a sum of money is paid over the Internet.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 extended support has ended and you will no longer receive security updates. vScope can speed up the migration by quickly pointing out all SQL 2005 installations and their dependencies to other servers and applications.

vScope Dashboard provides instant actionable insight in the IT infrastructure. The Dashboard consists of widgets and widgets can be of different kinds such as:

  • Top 5: listing the top most/least of any resources in the datacenter.
  • KPI: Instant insight in metrics about servers, file system usage, databases, etc.
  • Tracker: Overview compliance and ensure high system availability

Here is how to set it up by adding more widgets and organizing them in a way that suits you.

vScope provides full historical traceability of any changes occurring in your datacenter. This gives you the power to easily track down configuration changes, do trend analysis and be proactive in your operations.

Here is a quick video in Table Explorer that shows one way of how you can overview changes that happened while you were gone on, let’s say, summer vacation.

Here is how to easily overview all VM versions in your datacenter.

In this video we build a simple documentation in vScope Table Explorer showing RAM and CPU settings for all our virtual machines. The table will also include information about if the machines are powered on or not. 

By using the tab functionality and categorizing the machines depending on their VM version, vScope gives us a better overview and understanding of what our IT really looks like.

With vScope you can easily overview all local admins on every single server or client that has been inventoried by vScope. Here is how it is done in two different ways – first from the perspective of user groups and then from a user’s perspective

Installing KB2992611 could result in slow SQL Performance (Microsoft Technet). But when disaster strikes, how do you know which of your servers that has KB2992611 installed AND is running SQL Databases?

vScope lets you browse your IT for any specific configurations and settings. Like in this video, where we quickly find and list every server that has KB2992611 installed AND has Database Systems running on them. Easy!

Too often, unused user accounts in the AD are connected to an email  inbox which requires some type of licensing. This means unnecessary costs but also the opportunity to make quick savings for any organization trying to lower its spendings. Here is a short video of how to make use of vScope Table Explorer to easily find these cost savings.

How do you use vScope in cost management?

With vScope you can tag resources (in this case VMs) with estimated cost to ease the workload during cost planning and other cost related issu