Working with tags


Tags come either out-of-the-box in vScope or are defined by the user. User-defined tags gives you the power to include your IT organization’s tacit knowledge into vScope and let you build build customized analyzes around this information.

User-defined tags are either of the type Manual or Dynamic:

– Manual tags are like post-it notes that you stick to certain resources in your datacenter e.g. Notes or Tasks related to specific servers

– Dynamic tags are based on rules and gives you the opportunity to, based on a certain criteria, automatically tag your resources. E.g. site based on IP or Function based on server name.

After specifying the tagging rules – the Dynamic tags’ values can be defined in three different ways:

1. A fixed value
2. A value based on another tag
3. A value based on a tag from a related resource


How to Work with Dynamic Tags

May 15th, 2018|0 Comments

Tagging resources is your way of adding notes or comments about your resources. Usually this is done in some kind of spreadsheets or documentation systems that requires manual upkeep. This is manageable with in a smaller scale but is a daunting task for larger IT organizations.