saploSaplo, a top text analytics company, use Amazon EC2 for their computing resources. In their daily work, Saplo use vScope by InfraSight Labs as en efficiency tool for cloud server management, as well as an enabler for keeping their cost for cloud services down.

Fredrik Hörte from Saplo says:

“-Thanks to vScope we have managed to lower our costs for Amazon resources at the same time as we have become more efficient in maintaining our resources. The savings are twofold: We’re paying less for servers, and we are also saving many hours of IT administration.”

About the day-to-day work, Fredrik continues:

“-At Saplo, we are using vScope for several purposes. Firstly, vScope is easy to access for everyone working with our IT in any form. It is a great source to get information about our IT fast. Even for those who normally should not have access to the infrastructure itself. It could be small things, like finding an IP number, a specific setting somewhere, checking in on our backup snapshots, verifying open ports in our security groups or anything else. But every little thing takes time, and vScope speeds up the process significantly. Using vScope is far much faster than working in the Amazon console!”

And when it comes to the potential of using vScope to lower the overall IT costs Fredrik says:

“-A specific advantage of vScope is that we get to see all our resources in one single view. We have servers in different regions and previously we could only see them region by region which made it difficult to get an overall picture quickly. vScope also let us gather an overall picture of our storage like we had never seen it before. Having the insights from vScope made it easy for us to identify redundant resources which we could close down to lower our monthly cost.”

Saplo started using vScope for Amazon EC2 already during beta-stage. Fredrik comments of the proecss:

“-We were thrilled about the amount of quick support and added features from InfraSight Labs during the beta stage. It was fun to see that some of our comments were turned into features sometimes already the day after.”

“-vScope: really recommend it!”