We have improved Search in vScope v2.2.2. Searching your infrastructure for anything has never ever been easier!

How many Teamviewer installations do we have? When did we upgrade Java on this machine? How many production servers do not have this patch? etc, etc, etc…..

Let’s have a quick look on how you can use Search in vScope to get fast answers on almost anything in your infrastructure.

Table Explorer – the high level view

vScope Table Explorer is a high level view on your infrastructure. See how you may use search to limit the number of rows shown.


Enter a free text search to search all visible fields in Table Explorer.  (e.g entries including search string “Production”).





Click magnifying glass to create a negation (e.g. entries NOT including “Windows”)





You can add your search as a filter. You can stack as many searches as you like for better results.





Machine Properties – The deep dive view on a single machine

Here is how you can search for historical events in the Machine Properties Timeline search.


Add a search string to the search-box. All historical events including your search string is shown. It could be either a tag name or a tag value.











Pretty neat, isn’t it?