How to setup HTTPs on vScope web server

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vScope web GUI is by default reached through HTTP. To reconfigure the vScope web GUI to HTTPS, follow the steps below.

  • Stop vScopeServer service
  • Download, unzip and copy this Jetty.keystore-file to C:/vScopeData/configuration
  • Add the following lines in C:/vScopeData/configuration/config.ini

# enable SSL (default disabled)

# set SSL port (defaults to 443)

# Location of keystore containing SSL certificate

# Password for keystore

  • Add a # in the beginning of existing line “org.osgi.service.http.port” if you want to disable plain HTTP access)
  • Start vScopeServer service again
  • Open port 443 in machine Firewall (Windows Advanced Firewall)

Optionally you can generate your own self-signed certificate (if you have JDK tools installed):
> keytool -keystore jetty.keystore -alias vscopeserver -genkey -keyalg RSA

If you want to create a SSL certificate signed by a trusted authority this can also be done (either you have you own CA or send a signing-request to a 3rd party CA). The resulting certificate can then be imported into jetty.keystore to be used by vScope server.