What technologies are supported in vScope?

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The vScope platform is built to support input from an arbitrarily number of different sources, and put the pieces together into one unified vScope model/database. The list of probes is extended continuously.

Current probes are:


  • VMware
  • Hyper-V (Through WMI or VMM)

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Operating systems

  • WMI (Windows)
  • SSH (Linux, Unix)

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  • Most SAN-vendors (through SMI-S) including EMC, IBM, HP, Dell, Fujitsu, Huawei
  • NetApp

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  • MS SQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL

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  • HTTP (probing for certificates on common web ports)

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Network & Printers

  • SNMP (Switches, printers, servers, access points etc) which includes vendors such as: Cisco, Dell, Juniper, HP, H3C , Konica Minolta, NetGear, Sharp,

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  • Amazon
  • Azure

User Access Management

  • LDAP
  • Active directory

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