vScope 2.1.0 vScope Tracker is introduced. vScope Tracker performs automated audits of the datacenter after each discovery (normally daily). By benchmarking industry standards, best practices, SLAs, common sense and your own policies; Tracker can detect mis-configurations, reveal optimization opportunities, alert you of monitoring parameters or detect configuration drift.

vScope Tracker can help you find out about missing agents, misconfigured services, unwanted software, obsolete snapshots, configuration errors in Windows/Linux/Unix, VMware and Hyper-v, MS SQL and MySQL, NetApp, Amazon and Azure, and a lot more!

Users can easily set up different Tracker Lists, where users and/or groups get notified of the finding of a group of Tracker Cases by email. Recipients for each list receive notifications either once a day, or only when changes has occurred. Tracker Lists and individual Tracker Cases are easily shareable between people in the organization to help you achieve greater operational efficiency in your organization.

vScope Tracker comes with almost 400 pre-loaded Tracker Cases which will help you increase the understanding of your infrastructure configurations in no-time.

Besides email notifications, Tracker Lists can also be viewed in vScope. You’ll find a new product: “Tracker” in the top bar menu. You may also view the results from each list as a Dashboard Widget. The widget can be found in the widget chooser in the top right corner on the Dashboard.