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Limited (Free) or Unlimited (Premium)?

You can download a limited version of vScope at any time. The Limited version offers a basic
Asset Management/Documentation/Reporting-tool that will demonstrate the concept of vScope at no cost at all.

However, the true power lies in using vScope Unlimited. You may try out all, or some, products on the platform in either a D-I-Y trial on your own, or with professional guidance in an Assisted- or Tailored trial. The packages provide insights which bring real values to your organization while you try!


Would you like to try vScope Unlimited?


DIY Trial

A “Do it yourself” – trial is an easy way to explore the power of vScope on your own. With an unlimited license and full access to digital resources you have everything you need to get started with vScope.

  • 30 days unlimited license
  • Access to digital resources, How-to:s, videos, FAQ etc.
  • Online support

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vScope Assisted Trial

An assisted trial is the most effective way to get value from vScope in no time. Installed and setup together with vScope expert and valuable deliverables which you can keep. This is our most popular trial package.

  • 30 days unlimited license
  • Installation & setup guided by our experts
  • Online training with examples from your own environment
  • Deliverables that you can keep after finished trial
  • Access to digital resources, How-to:s, videos, FAQ etc.
  • Access to personal support throughout the trial

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Tailored vScope Trial

A Tailored vScope Trial is a tailored package designed to meet your organization’s specific needs. The exact scope is crafted for each individual case. A Tailored trial may include:

  • Dedicated concierge contact person during the whole process
  • Multiple licenses – Try vScope at several locations simultaneously
  • Custom trial-license period – longer than 30 days
  • Tailored training and deployment package(s)
  • Priority support
  • On-site training and/or installation

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