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vScope Assisted Trial

Try vScope at your place.

What can vScope do for your organization? Let’s find out together!

  • 30 days of unlimited usage of vScope
  • Guided installation and configuration of vScope
  • Training with concrete examples from your datacenter
  • Professional guidance and support throughout the whole process
  • Insights and a comprehensive audit results that you keep after the trial
  • Unlimited license for free – We only charge for guidance and education

How it works

vscope assisted trial

1. Installation

An Assisted Trial starts with a one hour guided installation and configuration of vScope.

2. Workshop

The first benefits in vScope in your environment are uncovered during a workshop session.

vscope assisted trial

3. Follow-up

Your staff is guided towards valuable and actionable insights, and more values are uncovered along the way. We provide support during the whole process.

Sounds interesting?

Contact us and we will tell you more!