Tailored vScope Trial

Try vScope at your place.

What can vScope do for your organization? Let’s find out together!

  • Unlimited license of vScope
  • Dedicated “concierge” contact person during the whole process
  • Multiple licenses – Try vScope at several locations simultaneously
  • Custom trial-license period – longer than 30 days
  • Tailored training and deployment package(s)
  • Priority support
  • On-site training and/or installation
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How it works

vscope assisted trial

1. Planning & Installation

Before installation we discuss a vScope setup customized for your environment. Together with a vScope expert you then conduct one or multiple installations of vScope(s).

2. Workshop & Education

Depending on the size of your IT organization we schedule one or multiple workshops. During the workshop(s) we customize the session depending on what is most relevant to the participants.

vscope assisted trial

3. Follow-up

 Towards the end of the trial we will have continuous follow-ups to estimate the wins and benefits of running vScope. A rep from InfraSight will also suggest an offer that is customized for your organization’s need.

Sounds interesting?

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