vScope 2.0 is released. It’s almost a new product compared to previous versions of vScope. Check out the vScope product pages for information.

It’s really worth a test-run!

In short:

  • vScope is replaced by vScope Server. Runs as a service.
  • New web front-end replaces the old client
    • Easy access for many
    • Integration to Service Desk
    • Share Table Presets via email
    • Lots of suggestions of Table Presets
    • Dashboard with Widgets
  • An open API
  • New probes
    • NetApp
    • MS Hyper-V
    • MS SQL
    • MS Azure
    • Amazon EC2 & S3
    • MySQL
  • Updated probes for VMware, WMI, SSH, SNMP
  • Autoupdate of software and license. Less maintenance!
  • And much, much more!

If you are running a previous version of vScope, the new installer will help migrate your old settings and data.