vScope 2.2.5 introduces two great features in Table Explorer; Tailored Recommendations and Shared Presets.
Simplicity, recognition and collaboration!

Tailored Recommendations

Tailored Preset Recommendations enable presets which are 100% relevant to you. Only presets which have content is shown. This means for that i.e the version control of software will reflect only the software which is actually installed. Presets for virtualization capacity planning is based on your virtualization platforms, and other platforms are hidden. And the cloud configuration and cost control is based on your cloud vendor and is only shown if this is configured in vScope. Simply put, it’s made specifically for you!



Shared Presets


Presets can now be saved either for you or for all.

This makes it easy to create and share tables with your colleagues to increase collaboration. You can also easily make use of tables that your colleagues have made.