vScope 2.4.0 is a major release with many new features together with many optimizations and bug-fixes.

NEW! Web Certificates

  • See installed web certificates and their status in vScope. Viewable settings include Vendor, Expiry dates, Validity, Strength &
  • Encryption type etc. Tags can be seen on Machines and IP-addresses, but there is also a whole new Table type resource created called Certificates. New tracker cases for Certificates are added
  • Certificates discovery can be done using the new HTTP-probe. Configure it from the Credentials Manager

Read more about Web Certificates in vScope

NEW: Access points

This is a new resource in vScope. See your access point and their configuration in vScope

Microsoft SQL

  • NEW Dependency-mapping of sessions. See what machines (IT services) that are related to a certain database and how it relates to the rest of the infrastructure.
  • SQL master key & recovery model info added
  • Fixed problems related to SQL2000


  • New: Changed IP address preset to list all ip addresses regardless of if there is an attached system or not. This way the list of all discovered IP-addresses is more extensive.
  • New: mapping between physical switches and virtualization. Added tags to view associations between machines and switches
  • Wrapped uptime on Cisco switches using SNMP discovery. This way uptime longer than 496 days are not seen as lower.


  • New way of calculating VMware snapshots. The new way mimic the calculation done in vCenter. Snapshots now get counted towards the snapshot ending a delta and for last active snapshot the currently active delta-files also gets included
  • Fixed problem with high folder depth in VMware discovery
  • Added tags Host RAM, Host CPU Sockets, Host CPU Cores on VMs
  • Added tags for Thin/Thick provisioning and updated Tracker cases. Also added: Disk Mode, Eagerly Scrub, Disk Split, Write Through


  • Fixed a bug making it difficult to scan VMM in large environments
  • Don’t associate differencing virtual disks that belong to checkpoints with VMs
  • Optimization and improvements to handle corrupt data from Hyper-V

User Account Management

Admin rights are now required to reach Settings, Credential Manager and Discovery.

Discovery & Database

  • Added a lifetime-setting for objects in the vScope database. When machines are no longer seen in XX days, they are now automatically removed. Can be found under Settings/Database. Read more
  • Dynamic Thread Pool – An optional optimization to let vScope run with multiple more discovery threads than default when there are long response times. This feature is default off. Read more
  • Updated raw ping probe. Should now be faster when port scanning targets
  • Increased timeout for WMI & SSH to improve discovery of Windows Linux and Unix.
  • Other general improvements to optimize and increase speed for WMI discovery
  • Implemented automatic recovery from transaction logs if disk-based DB files are corrupt
  • Lots of other tweaks and improvements in new disk-based backend
  • SSH/Linux: Added support for disabling access to /etc/shadow through config.ini-file. Read more
  • Fixed bug in scheduled discovery trigger that could cause extra discovery at vScope restart


  • Optimizations in Search speed in Table Explorer
  • Optimizations in loading Machine Properties Timeline
  • Installer now remembers old settings
  • About-page updated with resource utilization
  • Fixed problem making filters from date-tags
  • Disabling option to have several Table presets with the same name
  • Fixed problem where a changed Table preset did not show up as changed without reloading page