vScope license issues

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To install and run vScope you will need a valid license. Licenses are managed through the Billing service. Sometimes, things go wrong and you might be prompted with a lock screen saying that vScope is not correctly licensed.

Here is a list of error messages, what it means and how to resolve it:

vScope license expired

The expiry date of the license was overdue. In order to resolve this, a new license is required. Either by creating a new vScope license or by renewal of the current license. Please login to the Billing service to manage the licenses or contact online support for assistance.

License is missing

For some reason the vScope license has been removed from the vScope server. Please overview if any changes have been made to the server or contact online support for further assistance.

Wrong machine detected

These error usually occur when the installation has been moved to another server or if any changes (often new MAC or NIC settings) have been made to the vScope server. When a license is activated, the installation is licensed to a certain machine and changing licensing parameters of the server will invoke this error.

Please contact your InfraSight representative or via the online support form to resolve this issue.

Wrong installation detected

This is not a very common issue and you probably get here due to experimenting with moving the license back-and-forth between vScope installations. Every installation has an unique

Please contact support for further guidance.

vScope license is corrupt

A new license is required please get in touch with support to resolve this issue.