Central coordination of printers means full control – from your desk!

This is vScope Printer, the product that easily gives you access to any printer information.


Full access to printer status data

Let us present vScope Printer, the module for printer status management in vScope. vScope Printer lets organizations skip ahead by providing full insight in every printer on the network in one common platform for insight. Troubleshoot printers remotely checking their status directly from vScope, proactively avoid interruptions from empty toners or ink cartridges or find cost savings related to your printers.

Deal with interruptions – before it happens!

Empty toners, low paper or printer cover not closed. All are example of issues that might result in interruption for the end-user when using the printer service. vScope Printer provides estimations, trends and proactive alerts to help you prevent these kinds of unnecessary interruptions and ensure a top notch printer service!

Save time from central coordination of printers

vScope Printer helps you save valuable time by automatically find and collect information about your printers on your network. Centralizing all this data in one single view means that you can get a perfect overview of any error or warning messages on the printers – from your office desk!

vScope printer- full accesess to printer status data

Lower costs – Understand the usage of printers and plan ahead

Track, understand and learn from the data from your printers. Keeping track of all prints, scans or duplex jobs on every printer, vScope Printer will open up a completely new world for IT staff trying to plan ahead. Perform cost analysis, capacity planning and plan future investments today, based on the actual usage of all printers in your network.

Key Features

Hallelujah moment for printer and toner levels!

vScope Printer highlights the most important numbers related to toner or ink levels of the printers. It will also provide estimations of when the toners are expected empty.

Keep track of your prints, copies and scans

Color prints, B/W copies, duplex prints etc. vScope Printer displays a wide range of numbers related to the actual usage of the printer – and who is printing.

Check printer status remotely. Remotely!

Is the printer cover open? Has a paper jammed the printer? With vScope Printer you will have access to any information about the printer status remotely and let vScope send notifications whenever something unusual happens.

Printer status notifications. In your email inbox.

Get notifications about printer compliance sent directly to your mail inbox. vScope Printer will keep you posted about warnings, errors or just the status of any printer in the network.

Take your insights elsewhere

Featuring export functionality to either CSV or XLS, vScope Printer will also let you send these reports to stakeholders outside your organizations

Inbuilt reports for automated cost calculations

vScope Printer comes packed with reports will quickly help you automate audits and documentation work related to printers.


Product specification


A licensed version of vScope Core™.


Printers with SNMP enabled

Including tags
  • Alerts
  • Color prints Count
  • Least remaining supply
  • Location
  • Serial Number
  • Scan Total
  • Status
  • And 50+ more
Including analytics
  • Color rarely used
  • Low utilization of printer
  • Printer supply running low
  • Printer reports Errors
  • Print services not in autostart mode
  • Printer is out of paper
  • Printer is offline


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