Access storage information easily through a one-view display

vScope Storage is the unified storage configuration solution that agentless gathers data from multi vendor’s NAS & SAN products.


Full access to storage infrastructure data

Let us present vScope Storage, the module for storage configuration in vScope Storage makes the storage information easily accessible on a common platform for the whole organization. From now on you will benefit of always having up-to-date insights about any SAN systems, Disks, Storage pools, LUNs or in the environment. vScope Storage structure all information from any storage solution in one single view and enrich this information with data from different platforms in the datacenter. Giving you the full picture.

Be proactive. Detect future problems in an early stage.

Easily browse the configuration settings and overview trends and changes for better proactivity. Bundled with advanced analytics for storage components, vScope Storage enables a shortcut for IT professionals to predict potential future failures and how to build better IT.

Access more data – vendor independently

Instead of scripting own SNMP command, vScope Storage will let you benefit from making use of standard API and data retrieval mechanisms to access important data about the storage infrastructure.

Strengthen capacity planning and save resources

vScope Storage quickly discloses provisioning settings – making it easy for IT organizations to overview and manage over/under provisioning in the datacenter. Combined with full historical traceability vScope Storage will give you the upper hand when trying to find potential cost savings and improving capacity planning.

Key Features

Detection of failed batch jobs

vScope Storage will let you know whenever a batch job fail and all necessary information about it, giving you a flying start on fixing it.

Fast detection of storage subsystem problems

Track down physical storage systems that the virtual storage system rely on in order to avoid downtime and tedious troubleshooting.

Overview storage capacity with growth rates

Plot easy-to-view graphs, compare setup and make powerful estimations of future storage usage with vScope Storage

Performance, Capacity and health checks

Proactivity cannot be easier with inbuilt health checks and advanced analytics for storage compartments.


Product specification


A licensed version of vScope Core.




Including tags
  • Backing LUN names
  • Concrete Storage Pools
  • Connected Initiators
  • Data Redundancy
  • Pool CIFS Shares Names
  • Pool Connected Systems
  • Pool Disk Drives
  • Primordial Pool
  • Total IOs

And 50+ more

Including analytics
  • A-SIS Deduplication not run in past 7 days
  • Backup error
  • Disk waste. VMs having thick provisioned disks with low usage.
  • SAN Storage pools with high usage (85-95%)
  • Volumes Autosize is disabled
  • Volumes using Thick Provisioning

And 20+ more


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