vScope v1.1.7

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A new version of vScope is available. As usual, you can download it from download.vscope.net. Lot’s of new features and functions! Here are some examples:

  • Search your infrastructure like you search the web. Free text search and Saved Searches (previously “Queries”)
  • Many, many more configuration and performance metrics now available as “dynamic tags”!
  • Possibilty to design own reports in Table view
  • Export reports to xls, pdf and HTML
  • Smaller corrections and updates in previous reports
  • Test your infrastructure with Compliance-tool framwork
  • A proof-of concept library of compliance tests
  • Improved visualization in graph view
  • Print graph to file and printer (from project menu and on right click)
  • New vScope icon
  • Shortcut commands (F1 go to website, ctrl+u = upload service data, ctrl+f = search, ctrl+p = print, ctrl+s = save, ctrl+o = open, ctrl+n = new, ctrl+q = quit)
  • Handle licenses, purchases, invoices etc via Account pages (Help->My account). Create your own invoice or pay directly with PayPal
  • One-time licenses are now available
  • Performance and stability improvements in general