In this release we have focused on enhancing the user experience in a number of different ways. Naturally, we have also fixed bugs and made a lot of improvements under the hood – as always. All in all, this is a very strong enhancement!

Improving how you work with Search and Filters

We have improved Search and Filters in several ways in order to make it even easier to find what you’re looking for!

  • High level search in Table explorer. Improved search by restricting it to visible columns. This gives better performance.
  • Detailed search for any historical event on a given machine – in Machine Properties Timeline.
  • Point on any cell value and create an instant filter direct from right click.
  • Hide/Show selected rows on right click menu (renamed)

Making Tracker even better!

We have received a lot of positive feedback on Tracker (thank you!). We have also gotten a list of suggestions for improvements. More to come, but here are a few improvements making Tracker even better!

  • Removed emailing from All cases list and removed Admins-grup from All cases email distribution
  • Added some info text to Tracker Configuration
  • Changed names on a few buttons for clarification (e.g. Configure lists & recipients)
  • Added buttons for New List under Tracker Configuration
  • Added new Tracker cases and updated quite a few
  • Include Customer name (From License) in Tracker emails to facilitate for people receiving Tracker-emails from several vScope installations
  • Fixed bugs in Tracker Editor where cases including a Computation were not correctly editable.
  • Made Computation names more friendly
  • Fixed bug in right-click menu on Tracker where menu mistakenly included a web page section

Machine Properties Page improvements

In last release we introduced the deep-dive Machine Properties-page making it super-easy to deep dive into a machine and see “everything”. In this release we have made a few improvements.

  • Added Search to Timeline
  • Moved VMware Datastores to storage area
  • Added Machine model info
  • Added “OS Last Shutdown Comment” and info

Improving Discovery

  • Added SMI-S probe in Credential Manager for discovery of most SAM vendors. Data collection is now possible, although not much yet visible.
  • Improved discovery robustness of Azure and fixed bug that could make Azure discovery to crash
  • Added robustness to MS SQL-probe, SSH-probe, VMM, WMI, SNMP
  • Fixed NIC-count problem not being discovered by VMM (but was working from WMI)
  • Enabled SSH probe to run discovery in sudo-mode to capture more data
  • Fixed stitching of machines having the same MAC and IP but where one machine has domain included in the name and the other one has not (WMI)
  • Hardening for virtualization hosts switching physical network cards


  • Added System model to machines to see brand and model.
  • Added tag “Application ID” which contains GUID or other ID of application
  • Improved patch date extraction in WMI in cases where Windows OS did not report this correctly
  • Added tag File System Realm (virtual or physical)
  • Added tag ‘Backing Diskdrive’ for Windows LogicalDisks. This contains the Diskdrive that the Logical Disk resides on
  • Shortened Hyper-V Live Migration tag names

Removal of vScope database items

  • We have added support to “un-see” machines from discovery. Using this feature you can now delete old machines being “stuck” in inventory or prepare them for removal by any virtualization or cloud-probe

Users in vScope

  • Logged in user name is now shown in top bar


  • Update to latest version of AngularJS
  • Improved handling for Out-Of-Memory handling. vScope shall now restart with a clean model with manual tags migrated to new database