vScope 2.2.5 include lots of improvements and new features. We are really proud of this one!

One part of this release focuses on creating an enhanced user experience. Examples are dynamic preset recommendations based on your specific infrastructure, or the ability to save presets for both private and global use. Another improvement is that databases on a server is now visible directly on the Machine Properties page. Add to this that there is a complete new resource type to list IP-numbers and you’ll see a pretty strong vScope release.

The other part is about strengthening the vScope platform and performance. Like always, many bug fixes and improvements have been made in a lot of different areas. Improved discovery on many platforms, e.g. Hyper-V and better stitching support to automatically map relations and dependencies to mention a few. We have also updated the underlying data analysis algorithm to increase performance of the vScope database.

More specific:

Table Explorer

  • Dynamic recommendations based on your infrastructure. This is a great user experience improvement! Check out the recommendation for e.g., version control, IP-plan or something else!
  • Ability to save presets for “me” and for “all”. Many have asked for this. Now it’s here!
  • A new table resource: IP-numbers. Easier than ever to create IP-plans!
  • New: Hide-filter och cell right-click
  • Compensated for buggy browser behavior when calculating scroll position (Chrome)

Machine Properties

  • Added Smart tags for Databases and Database Systems
  • Quick Tabs
  • Fixed problems adding tags


  • Tracker case result is now refreshed upon update, full tracker run on new
  • Added tags for File Systems remain, to make it easier to create Tracker cases on remaining disk space
  • Added missing column chooser to tracker case editor
  • Fixed problem with Tracker computations sometimes showing wrong value in web GUI
  • Removed “Hz” as default unit on computation
  • New and updated tracker cases

Discovery and model

  • Improved discovery and stitching of Hyper-v storage elements
  • Discovery of Hyper-V Clusters
  • Fixed problems where Hyper-V VMs sometimes were not discovered (relating to Hyper-V v1 and 2)
  • Fixed problem giving wrong name on servers running clustered SQL
  • Fixed problems sometimes occurring when machines was found by both SNMP and another technology
  • Added tags for SQL-server version and databases on Machines
  • Fixed one problem that could make RAM-memory in vScope ballon (related to a bug in WMI and startup commands)


  • RAM-optimization. Added max PermGen size=256 MB to default jvm arguments also in Linux
  • Ability to Delete widgets on dashboad
  • Retina support for avatar