Check out this release which holds a lot of new features and a whole new backend!

Power upgrade with new database format

The main feature in this release is a whole new back-end database format. While the vScope database was previously operating in RAM, the new format is a hybrid between RAM and disk. This is a huge performance upgrade!

This release contains both new and old database format (In-RAM). The default choice is still the old format, and if you were previously running the older format you will continue to do so until you run the installer again.

To run the new format, the vScope-installer file must be run on the server again.
During setup, make sure to select Disk-based backend.

Download installer here

Benefits include:

  • Significant lower RAM consumption
  • Eternal history
  • Higher fault tolerance

Table Explorer

  • Increased speed of table preset filtering
  • New preset-suggestions, especially:
  • Deepdive into MS SQL Licensing with suggested Table Presets, new tags etc
  • Custom Timeline option to set any range desired
  • Fixed bug where dropdown-menus sometimes where displayed outside the screen

Machine Properties

  • Made machine names under properties and in smart tags linkable. Now it’s possible to jump between hosts and machines and back again
  • New Smart Tags for Databases on hosts (making it easier to work with MS SQL Licensing)


  • Consistency checks. This is a new and powerful analysis to find deviations and configuration drift in the datacenter.
  • New and updated tracker cases


  • Better stitching and discovery improvement related to Hyper-V disks and file systems
  • Populated attribute controllerType on virtual disks from VMM-probe
  • General stitcher speed improvements
  • Improved stitching of MySQL with other elements
  • Fixed bug making SQL-probe sometimes to hang
  • Improvements in WMI-discovery


  • Changed links for Support and About from to
  • Support for Java 8