Turn information about virtual infrastructure to actionable insights

vScope Virtualization quickly gathers virtual environment data and present easy accessible insights – in one single view.


Full access to virtualization data

Let us present vScope Virtualization, the module for virtualization management in vScope. vScope Virtualization quickly gathers all possible data from the complete virtual environment of the datacenter and present easy accessible insights – in one single view. No matter VMWare or Hyper-V, vScope Virtualization got it covered and will present aggregated data from both physical, virtual and cloud based servers. Enabling a centralized perspective on IT that quickly will become the cornerstone for your organization’s IT operations.

  • Enable Transparency
  • Right-size the virtual infrastructure
  • Centralize all information
  • Overview any virtualization technology

Enable transparency. Work more efficient. Lift your business with accurate follow-ups.

In one single view, vScope can gather data completely platform independently, providing information about all physical, virtual or cloud based servers in the datacenter. This enables instant overview of any new servers, configuration changes or removed servers. With functionalities such as report scheduling, vScope lets organizations easily automate follow-ups on migration or integration projects to stay updated with the latest information.

Save costs by right-sizing the virtual infrastructure

With historical traceability, vScope provides critical information for right-sizing the virtual infrastructure of the datacenter. Resource optimization and cost savings has never been easier with full insight and understanding of the complex datacenter environment.

Centralize all information for a more efficient workflow

With a holistic approach, vScope Virtualization brings a new perspective to the IT operations of organizations. As a part of the vScope Core platform, every part of the organization will be able to make use of vScope as the go-to-place for information – decreasing the mean time to resolution for any complications.

Key Features

Reactive fire fighting – No more!

Proactivity has never been easier. vScope quickly finds out the size of datastores, the fill rate and even when the datastores are estimated to be full. This helps you to take preventive actions avoid unnecessary stress and downtime – before it is too late.

Click! Tailored reports for actionable insight.

Bundled reports in vScope are an easy way to stay updated about the current setup of the datacenter. Guest tool status, Storage optimization, NIC documentation, Port group settings and much, much more.

Unbeatable analytics at your service

Subscribe to email notifications about what is going on in the virtual infrastructure with help of inbuilt analytics. vScope continuously benchmarks your IT against industry standard and best practice to ensure best possible compliance.


Product specification


A licensed version of vScope Core™.



Microsoft Hyper-V

Including tags
  • CPU Cores
  • Datastores
  • Guest Tool Status
  • HDD
  • Port Groups
  • RAM
  • Snapshot/Checkpoint
  • VLan
  • VM name

And 100+ more

Including analytics
  • Datastore estimated full within 30 days
  • Duplicate VMDK UUIDs
  • High CPU usage on overcommitted CPU on VMware hosts
  • MSDTC Identity not unique
  • Inconsistent VM config directory name
  • vDisks in independent non-persistent mode
  • VMs with more than one snapshot/checkpoint
  • VMs with no NICs
  • VMs with thick provisioning

And 100+ more.


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