ec2vScope is an easy way to keep track of a cloud environment to make it more consistent, safe, and cost optimized. A tool that save a lot of time for administrators and help optimize the environment.

Examples of vScope benefts when running it towards and Amazon AWS cloud include:

  • All your cloud resources (across regions, cloud vendors, …) gathered in one place.
  • See your cloud resources next to your own datacenter resources in the same tool
  • Keep track of cost structures, like hourly, monthly and accumulated costs, together with the features that drives cost
  • Easily find unused/redundant resources to lower costs
  • See statistics and aggregated values of metrics like used disk and other resources
  • An easy overview of provisioned resources (CPU, RAM, Storage etc) including a full change log for all changes ever!
  • Automated configuration control, increasing awareness of unwanted configurations before they become a problem
  • Monitoring
  • Follow scheduled maintenance windows, uptimes and restarts
  • Track disk snapshots and verify daily backups
  • A CMDB/IT documentation with change tracking and a unique UI made to bring fast understanding
  • An overview of regional settings
  • Overview IP information (like Elastic IPs, Private and public IP adresses etc)
  • A clear overview of Security groups-settings
  • An overview of Amazon Buckets (S3)

In addition to tracking the Amazon resources, vScope can be used to visualize and analyze what’s actually running on the cloud servers. This includes: Databases, Operating systems and their settings, Applications, running Services and Processes and User Accounts and access rights. To mention a few…