vScope Legacy is the name for the licensed functionality available in vScope up until version 2.x. vScope Legacy represents vScope as one (quite large) single product.

If you have come to this page, and you are already running an installation of vScope, you are most probably running vScope Legacy.

Background – vScope as one product

vScope has always been a “one-stop-shop” for high quality information about IT. A common place to overview an entire IT infrastructure across technology platforms. The true value in vScope is – and will always be – the ability to cross-relate information from many closed “siloes” in order to visualize a bigger picture and to perform proactive analysis across the datacenter which not many can do.

However, we found that it was sometimes difficult to fully explain the power of vScope within each technology area. It was hard to see the wood for all the trees. Some customers also found it difficult to tailor the licensing to exactly their needs.

It was time for an updated license model!

vScope 3 – A platform for many vScope products

From the release of vScope 3, vScope is modularized into a Core on which several different Products run. As separate products, it becomes easier to offer more focused and in-depth propositions for each and every technology area that each product represents. The Core-platform in vScope 3 also lays the foundation for new exiting products and add-ons yet to come.

Having that said, one of vScope’s strengths is the ability to cross-relate, and analyze information from many siloed systems. This enables unique synergies between the different products in vScope 3 when they run side by side.

vScope 3 offers a more flexible licensing model than what was previously available, giving licensees the ability to pick-and-choose what they need from vScope to a much wider extent than before.

Illustration of vScope Legacy vs. vScope 3

So, what now?

vScope customers can continue to use the vScope they are used to, now named “Legacy”. However, to make use of the full functionality found in vScope 3, and all the new functionality to come, a newer vScope license is required. By default, vScope customers who started their license before 2017-03-01 have a Legacy-license.

Does vScope Legacy affect the functionality found in vScope?

– No, vScope Legacy represents at least the same functionality as when vScope was originally licensed. Probably even a bit more. vScope 3, however, includes a lot of new functionality, which is not available when running vScope in Legacy mode.

What about software upgrades and support?

– InfraSight Labs will continue to maintain the vScope Core platform on which vScope Legacy runs. Updates and improvements (e.g. speed, stability, usability etc) will continue to come as before.

We run vScope Legacy, but the version is 3.x. Shouldn’t it be 2.x?

– No. vScope Legacy can run on the Core platform with a higher version number. The naming Legacy only represents that vScope is licensed for the functionality released up until version 2.x. It is always recommended to run vScope with the latest version available regardless of which license model that is applied.

Where is the Active Directory module?

– During the development phase an Active Directory module was offered complimentary, as a BETA for all vScope customers. This is now fully released in a product called vScope Directory, and the BETA version is no longer available. To use vScope Directory, a vScope 3 license is required.

Is it required to upgrade to vScope 3?

– No, vScope Legacy is fully functional and will continue to be so. vScope 3 enables new functionality available when using a new license. Contact us to hear more about migrating over to vScope 3 licensing.