How to fix memory leakage in 2003 Servers

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On a Windows Server 2003-based computer, you query user account information by using the Win32_UserAccount class in Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). When you do this, a memory leak occurs in the Wmiprvse.exe process. This is not an issue related to vScope but to Windows Server 2003.

In a domain that has many user accounts, the memory leak may cause significant performance issues to the system. Eventually, all WMI connections may stop responding. Symptoms of this may include Wmiprvse.exe constantly using up to 100% CPU. The only solution is to kill the process.

vScope v2.99 and later will automatically detect Windows 2003 servers running domain controllers and skip all queries regarding Win32_UserAccount. This is the default behaviour.
If you wish to enable Win32_UserAccount querying in vScope you can use the followin config setting (this should be added to the config.ini-file located in [DRIVE]:\vScopeData\configuration\config.ini)


Microsoft has released a hotfix for this.

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