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Save Hours During Application Audits

Saving hours of manual data collection with a quick software audit in vScope Tracking unwanted softwares is a challenging task for anyone working in an IT department. However, having access to an updated documentation of installed applications in the environment is critical for better control of licensing, security and compliance. In this guide

Save Hours During Application Audits2018-10-11T08:54:35+00:00

Release notes v2.9.14 & v2.9.15

Release notes v2.9.14 & v2.9.15 vScope v2.9.15 is maintenance release containing many performance optimizations, especially for larger (> 1000 servers) installations. A few minor features has made its way to this release as well: The release includes: Tracker cases to easily find all SHA1 web certificates. Modern browsers are about to stop supporting them

Release notes v2.9.14 & v2.9.152018-01-02T21:55:17+00:00

No or partial discovery results from WMI

When discovery via WMI takes too long time, vScope will abort the session as a safety routine. The result is that no or only partial data is recorded from the machine. Possible cause 1 - Damaged WMI repository Investigate the WMI respository  in these steps Open the command prompt an a machine with suspected WMI

No or partial discovery results from WMI2018-01-02T21:55:20+00:00

Discovery of SQL Express & instances running on dynamic ports

vScope connects to the SQL Server Browser Service during discovery. In SQL Express, the SQL Server Browser Service is not active by default, and it therefore needs to be started. Activate TCP/IP for SQL Express. Follow step 1 in this guide: Microsoft Blog - Discovery of SQL express instances running on dynamic ports Ensure that

Discovery of SQL Express & instances running on dynamic ports2018-01-02T21:55:20+00:00

How is vScope updated?

Automatic updates InfraSight Labs always strive to keep your part of the maintenance of vScope to a minimum. One way is to automate the software updating process. When setting the Software Updates option (Under Settings/Software Updates) to "Releases Automatically", vScope will automatically download and apply new versions of vScope when available. This setting is

How is vScope updated?2018-01-02T21:55:23+00:00

How to enable WinRM in vScope Discovery Manager

Activating WinRM can significantly improve the performance of vScope discovery. This feature enables discovery to use either WMI or WinRM. When possible, vScope will use WinRM and WMI will only be used as a fallback when WinRM is not available. To enable WinRM discovery in vScope, do the following: Open the Discovery Manager Select a

How to enable WinRM in vScope Discovery Manager2018-01-02T21:55:28+00:00

MS SQL Error – Untrusted domain error message

Discovery of MS SQL may result in an error message "The login is from an untrusted domain...". This error message is known to also appear when trying to connect with incorrect credentials. 1. Ensure that username & password is correct 2. Investigate if the account has been locked out, either in AD or SQL server

MS SQL Error – Untrusted domain error message2018-01-02T21:55:30+00:00

vScope’s communication with InfraSight Labs

vScope is designed for minimal maintenance on our customers side. Benefits include: Automatic software updates A backup service included in the license subscription Automatic activation of new license keys after renewal Easier bug-reporting Proactive support from our support team To make sure that this works, vScope require access to InfraSight Labs' support systems over the

vScope’s communication with InfraSight Labs2018-01-02T21:55:31+00:00

Funding round takes vScope to Denmark

MALMÖ - 2016/04/26 – InfraSight Labs closes funding round of total 3 MSEK in order to expand its business internationally and to reach its goals of doubling revenue and personal strength during 2016. "In addition to the vicinity to Sweden, Denmark is well ahead when it comes to IT and there are many large IT companies established in the country"

Funding round takes vScope to Denmark2018-01-02T21:55:34+00:00

How to migrate the vScope installation

Migrating the vScope installation can be done in two different ways. Both instruction sets will migrate all configurations and settings of vScope including history, Discovery scope, users, presets, Tracker profile settings etc. Notice that migrating an installation with Kevas1 to a vScope installation running Kevas2 will not include history (as described in Switching to Hybrid

How to migrate the vScope installation2018-01-02T21:55:34+00:00
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