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Release notes v2.9.14 & v2.9.15

Release notes v2.9.14 & v2.9.15 vScope v2.9.15 is maintenance release containing many performance optimizations, especially for larger (> 1000 servers) installations. A few minor features has made its way to this release as well: The release includes: Tracker cases to easily find all SHA1 web certificates. Modern browsers are about to stop supporting them

Release notes v2.9.14 & v2.9.152018-01-02T21:55:17+00:00

Funding round takes vScope to Denmark

MALMÖ - 2016/04/26 – InfraSight Labs closes funding round of total 3 MSEK in order to expand its business internationally and to reach its goals of doubling revenue and personal strength during 2016. "In addition to the vicinity to Sweden, Denmark is well ahead when it comes to IT and there are many large IT companies established in the country"

Funding round takes vScope to Denmark2018-01-02T21:55:34+00:00

vScope 2.8.5 Beta

vScope Beta Releases In vScope Beta you receive early news. To set your vScope to Beta-update-track, make sure that the Software Updates section under Settings looks like on this picture. If it does, the installation will upgrade itself to the latest beta released.     Beta-release from 2016-03-23 This is the same as release 2.8.1

vScope 2.8.5 Beta2017-02-10T10:46:05+00:00

Gränsöverskridande teknik skapar stora möjligheter – vScope i Dagens Industri

Automatiserad dokumentation och analys av IT-infrastruktur som hittar brister innan verksamheten drabbas. Detta är vad svenska programvaran vScope tillhandahåller. Med en växande kundbas och utmärkelsen som ett av Sveriges 33 hetaste unga teknikbolag 2015 har InfraSight Labs stora planer inför framtiden... Läs hela artikeln i Dagens Industri, eller Ladda ner artikeln som pdf.

Gränsöverskridande teknik skapar stora möjligheter – vScope i Dagens Industri2018-01-02T21:55:38+00:00

Coming up: Scheduled reports

Would you like to get documentation sent to your mailbox in regular intervals? From mid-december, we introduce Scheduled Reports  from Table Explorer. Tables are sent to users and/or groups in vScope Daily, weekly or monthly intervals Highlight changes from last report

Coming up: Scheduled reports2015-12-01T13:05:13+00:00

See older Notes

Did you know you can browse back and see all previous notes made on a machine in Machine Properties? You may also search for keywords and users among notes.

See older Notes2018-01-02T21:55:38+00:00

Release notes v2.7.1

This is a minor bugfix release. See vScope 2.7.0 for all major updates. Fixed problem in Discovery Manager where targets and credentials did not show in IE Fixed refresh on setup-page after license load Direct user to Credential Manager after Setup, not discovery Fixed re-direct issue in Jetty Fixed VMwate test credentials not displaying correctly

Release notes v2.7.12015-11-19T18:56:10+00:00

Microsoft SQL database size and allocation metrics

vScope 2.7.0 can give many insights into Microsoft SQL. One example is to extract detailed database size information to make it easy to understand the nature of database size growth. Read more about the different size metrics in Microsoft SQL here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms188776.aspx

Microsoft SQL database size and allocation metrics2018-01-02T21:55:39+00:00

Become a database-wiz!

In vScope 2.7.0 there are major additions to database management. MS SQL has gone though a major uplift and we are have also introduced support for Oracle databases. One tool to easily browse MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL Continuous health checks with Tracker Map relationships between databases storage, virtualization and connected services

Become a database-wiz!2018-01-02T21:55:39+00:00

How to set up discovery proxies

Proxies are used to make discovery in network zones where the main vScope might not have full access on all relevant ports, such as a DMZ, a customer network or another closed network. vScope proxies communicate with the main vScope over one single port. You can use as many proxies as you wish. Prepare a

How to set up discovery proxies2018-08-03T09:28:25+00:00
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