What is vScope?

What is vScope? The IT industry is packed with tools, solutions and different platforms to improve organization's IT. What is really so special with vScope? The short version - Elevator pitch vScope is a platform for smart inventory of IT. With the ability to cross-relate information from any technological platform

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How is vScope updated?

Automatic updates InfraSight Labs always strive to keep your part of the maintenance of vScope to a minimum. One way is to automate the software updating process. When setting the Software Updates option (Under Settings/Software Updates) to "Releases Automatically", vScope will automatically download and apply new versions of vScope when available. This setting is

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What technologies are supported in vScope?

The vScope platform is built to support input from an arbitrarily number of different sources, and put the pieces together into one unified vScope model/database. The list of probes is extended continuously. Current probes are: Virtualization VMware Hyper-V (Through WMI or VMM) Learn more vScope Virtualization Operating systems WMI (Windows) SSH (Linux, Unix) Learn more

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What ports are used by vScope?

vScope communicates with the world using several different APIs and protocols. Below is a short guide into what ports that needs to be open in your firewall(s) to make vScope work. Probes Probes are used to collect data used in vScope. VMware ESXi & vCenter: HTTPs (TCP 443) WMI: Initiate session on DCOM (TCP

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