Automate reporting and document updates with Scheduled Emails

Subscribe to insights, changes and updates from any table in vScope Table Explorer by scheduling emails in three steps: 1. Build a table e.g. a Billing report or a Server List or make use of a Tailored Recommendation 2. Find 'Schedule email' under the Share option 3. Set schedule, recipients and attach a custom message Find

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Keep track of your SQL jobs

Keep track of failed SQL Jobs with vScope Tracker in order to quicker find relevant information and prevent potential system failures. Remember that you can get email notifications from vScope Tracker on any case by clicking the FOLLOW button. Was this tip helpful? Yes No   Have any SQL jobs failed in your data center?

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Add more with the Discovery Wizard

Discovery Manager Wizard helps both new and experienced users of vScope to quicker setup its' Discovery Manager. With help of a three step tutorial you can now quickly add new content, such as Database servers, SAN and Proxies to your Discovery Manager. You find the Discovery Wizard in your Discovery Manager under '+Add More'  

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Coming up: Scheduled reports

Would you like to get documentation sent to your mailbox in regular intervals? From mid-december, we introduce Scheduled Reports  from Table Explorer. Tables are sent to users and/or groups in vScope Daily, weekly or monthly intervals Highlight changes from last report

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See older Notes

Did you know you can browse back and see all previous notes made on a machine in Machine Properties? You may also search for keywords and users among notes.

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Become a database-wiz!

In vScope 2.7.0 there are major additions to database management. MS SQL has gone though a major uplift and we are have also introduced support for Oracle databases. One tool to easily browse MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL Continuous health checks with Tracker Map relationships between databases storage, virtualization and connected services

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Svensk innovation effektiv­ise­rar och strukturerar kommuners IT

Genom prisbelönt teknik för visualisering och analys av IT-drift har svenska vScope rönt stor framgång bland IT-organisationer inom både privat och offentlig sektor. Användarna vittnar om ökad förståelse som lett till minskningar av både risker och kostnader. Läs mer...

Svensk innovation effektiv­ise­rar och strukturerar kommuners IT2015-11-13T08:38:58+00:00
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