Web Certificates

vScope can map web certificates. In the Table Explorer you can easily build an overviews of all certificates on your domains. vScope Tracker comes with a number of pre-defined tests to easily let you know when certificates are about to expire, when they are considered too weak and so on. This makes security work and

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Microsoft SQL Licensing

The licensing requirements for Microsoft SQL vary between Versions and Editions. When calculating the requirements for a specific datacenter it mostly it comes down to gathering data about CPU or RAM for either the hardware backing the servers or for the servers running the SQL instances. Regardless of how to perform the license calculation, the

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IP-Plan in vScope

Now it is easier than ever to get a good grip of used IP-numbers in vScope! If you are a previous vScope user, you might already be aware of Resource types. From vScope 2.2.5, IP-numbers are treated as a separate resource. A view based on IP-numbers list all IP-based devices regardless of platform; Printers, switches,

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Patch Management in vScope

Even if you are already working structured and proactively with Patch Management today - Imagine what a little simplicity and usability can do for your workdays - every day! [nggallery id=32] Easily get an overview of Patch Status in Table Explorer or in Tracker With alarms from Tracker, IT admins are automatically alerted with an

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Searching your infrastructure has never been easier!

We have improved Search in vScope v2.2.2. Searching your infrastructure for anything has never ever been easier! How many Teamviewer installations do we have? When did we upgrade Java on this machine? How many production servers do not have this patch? etc, etc, etc….. Let's have a quick look on how you can use Search

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vScope Tracker demo

Here is the first video clip we have made about vScope Tracker. Hear more about the benefits of Tracker and see what it looks like!

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Tracker – Automation of configuration control

vScope 2.1.0 vScope Tracker is introduced. vScope Tracker performs automated audits of the datacenter after each discovery (normally daily). By benchmarking industry standards, best practices, SLAs, common sense and your own policies; Tracker can detect mis-configurations, reveal optimization opportunities, alert you of monitoring parameters or detect configuration drift. vScope Tracker can help you find out

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Use vScope to avoid Heartbleed

The recently detected Heartbleed issue with OpenSSL have not gone unheard of. But did you know that you can use vScope to find out if your infrastructure could be affected? vScope is equipped with a specific Tracker test case for the Heartbleed issue. It's an easy way to proactively secure your infrastructure. Download vScope now!

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vScope your Amazon cloud

vScope is an easy way to keep track of a cloud environment to make it more consistent, safe, and cost optimized. A tool that save a lot of time for administrators and help optimize the environment. Examples of vScope benefts when running it towards and Amazon AWS cloud include: All your cloud resources (across regions,

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Share and create value

Internally at InfraSight Labs we have talked a lot about the importance of being able to create a value from the visualization and the analysis done in vScope. This is why "sharing" has become a central part in vScope 2.0. When information is easily shared between people or directly into other systems the distance between

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