Save $Thousands Each Year in Licensing Costs

How We Saved $8000/Year in Licensing Costs Through a Quick Directory Audit with vScope Optimizing licensing costs can be a tough challenge to track. You may currently be wasting your IT budget on licenses that are not in use, without knowing it! In this guide I will show you how to quickly make

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Wanted: Beta Testers for IIS & Billing

Wanted: Beta testers for IIS & Billing We have added a new probe for IIS and a new module Chargeback & Billing in vScope. They are now in Beta and we need your feedback to make them even better. We are working on two major functionality improvements in vScope

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GDPR statement

How our platform vScope relates to GDPR and our efforts to live up to the requirements of GDPR May 14th, 2018 MALMÖ, Sweden, May 14, 2018 – The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects anyone whose business involves handling Personal Data about EU residents or within the EU. Trust is

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Associate Sales Representative

I rollen som Associate Sales Representative är du en viktig del av teamet som med ledning av våra Account Managers skapar och driver försäljningen av våra produkter med tillhörande tjänster mot IT-avdelningar hos företag och inom offentliga sektorer.

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GDPR and IT Operations Pt. 3 – Resources

GDPR and IT Operations Pt. 3 - Resources This is a blog series of three on the topic of GDPR, and more specifically some of the practical challenges it can pose to IT Operations when it comes to auditing and documenting access control. Part 1: What users in your network has access to

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GDPR and IT Operations – Pt. 2 User Groups

GDPR and IT Operations Pt. 2 - Groups This is the second post in a mini blog series about GDPR challenges related to IT Operations and access control. Just to drive a point through from the introduction from Pt. 1: no one can sell you a quick fix for GDPR! Like with any

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GDPR and IT Operations – Pt. 1 Users

GDPR and IT Operations We at InfraSight Labs will not try to sell you vScope as a “fix GDPR for you”-sort of product. Why? Because no product in the world can do that. Just like no isolated IT-solution can secure your PCI compliance, your ITIL compliance or any other industry regulated or recommended

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