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Automatically find machines being exposed to WannaCry

Automatically find machines being exposed to WannaCry vScope provides instant insights in IT and offers automatic audit and health checks across the complete data center. Here is how to use vScope to minimize the impact of WannaCry. What is this all about? In essence, WannaCry (or WannaCrypt) is a ransomware computer worm that

SNMP – Troubleshoot “Target did not respond. It might be down or access is denied”

"Target did not respond. It might be down or access is denied" is a very generic error that is returned when the discovery of SNMP devices such as printers, switches or access points fails. It could be either due to: Device not responding Invalid credentials SNMP does not give an active answer when you try to

Instance RAM higher than OS RAM

Provisioning more memory to a database than the server it runs on might cause memory to "balloon". This is a potential threat to your IT that might lead to costly incidents. Don't worry, vScope Tracker got you covered. Hundreds of predefined tracker cases are analyzed every day. Many of them relates to database management such as if instance

Extra release to help you minimize the impact of WannaCry

MALMÖ – 2017/05/15 – Due to the global outburst of the "WannaCry"/WannaCrypt" ransomware software, we have released an extra update of vScope containing improvements of the Core platform to help you minimize the impact of the attack. In the new version you can easily track Windows machines that might be exposed to risk of being affected. Build

Minimum rights to read VMware

In order to perform Discoveries of the VMware environment you will need a Read only  VMware account with full insight in the full virtual infrastructure including VMs, hosts, resource pools. Read more Read Only Account VMware vSphere

What does all the different RAM tags stand for?

There are many tags related to RAM in vScope. At a quick glance this might seem confusing and as if there are some  tags that could be merge into one. Think again! Since vScope discovers information from both the physical and virtual part of the infrastructure, RAM can have different meaning depending on whether you refer to

Quickly setup your own automated configuration analysis

Save your searches in Table Explorer as tracker cases to better overview changes and updates of your table. This is a quick way to program your own configuration analysis in vScope. If you like to receive email notifications about any changes occurring in your table, just click Follow on that specific tracker case. Was this tip helpful? Yes No

Deloitte takes a more holistic approach to IT

Deloitte AB - Enabling a more holistic approach to IT Lowering the need of real time monitoring, with vScope Deloitte AB is one of Sweden's leading firms in providing professional services within audit, consulting, financial advisory and tax. The company has its headquarter in Stockholm, and employs above 1100 people in Sweden.

Partner of the year – KommITS 2017

MALMÖ – 2017/05/02 – InfraSight Labs can proudly announce that the company has been named the Partner of the Year 2017 during the KommITS fair in Stockholm. The award yearly highlights a company that is successful in its collaboration with public organizations in Sweden. Description of winner (Swedish): Företaget som tagit till vara på KommITS mötesplats

Stay safe with Tracker overviewing your certificates

vScope Tracker conducts automatic configuration analysis of your datacenter every day. Hundred of cases are predefined in vScope by default making Tracker an in-house expert consultant By keeping track of your certificates, vScope Tracker helps you to avoid system downtime and unnecessary stress - letting you spend more of your time on value creating tasks

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