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General terms 2018-05-14

General Terms InfraSight Labs AB, General Terms, 2018-05-14 1. The Parties These general terms ( “General Terms”) are applicable to the license agreement (“Licensing Agreement”) that has been made by and between: InfraSight Labs AB, a company limited by shares incorporated in Sweden under company registration number 556801-6314, (“InfraSight Labs”), with

General terms 2018-05-142022-05-05T06:51:22+00:00

Inventory Clients & Laptops via SCCM

NEWS - APRIL 23, 2019 Inventory laptops and servers from SCCM vScope 3.8 introduces a new datasource to be used for laptop & server inventory: Microsoft SCCM If you are not well-versed with Microsoft SCCM you will be happy to hear that vScope now supports inventory of Microsoft

Inventory Clients & Laptops via SCCM2019-05-31T08:17:09+00:00

Using vScope for GDPR Compliance

With just a few weeks left before GDPR enforcement day (25 May 2018), we've received a lot of enquiries related to how vScope can be used in GDPR purpose. In order to do so we are posting numerous content on our website to help you get started!

Using vScope for GDPR Compliance2018-08-13T08:11:30+00:00

GDPR and IT Operations Pt. 3 – Resources

GDPR and IT Operations Pt. 3 - Resources This is a blog series of three on the topic of GDPR, and more specifically some of the practical challenges it can pose to IT Operations when it comes to auditing and documenting access control. Part 1: What users in your network has access to

GDPR and IT Operations Pt. 3 – Resources2019-08-12T10:48:13+00:00

GDPR and IT Operations – Pt. 2 User Groups

GDPR and IT Operations Pt. 2 - Groups This is the second post in a mini blog series about GDPR challenges related to IT Operations and access control. Just to drive a point through from the introduction from Pt. 1: no one can sell you a quick fix for GDPR! Like with any

GDPR and IT Operations – Pt. 2 User Groups2019-08-12T09:54:22+00:00

GDPR and IT Operations – Pt. 1 Users

GDPR and IT Operations We at InfraSight Labs will not try to sell you vScope as a “fix GDPR for you”-sort of product. Why? Because no product in the world can do that. Just like no isolated IT-solution can secure your PCI compliance, your ITIL compliance or any other industry regulated or recommended

GDPR and IT Operations – Pt. 1 Users2019-08-12T09:58:21+00:00

Introducing vScope Backup Helping Organizations Ensuring Data Protection

Introducing vScope Backup Helping Organizations Ensure Data Protection Good news, we have just released vScope 3.3! Even better news is that we in this version introduce support for inventory of backup solutions. Our first version of vScope Backup allows any organization using Veeam to ensure that data is properly secured.

Introducing vScope Backup Helping Organizations Ensuring Data Protection2019-08-12T10:45:06+00:00
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