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Release notes 3.5

3.5 Billing of IT resources and automatic documentation of IIS services vScope 3.5 bridges the gap between infrastructure and services with support for IIS web services. It also introduces support for billing and enhanced cost control of IT. Bring transparency and accuracy to IT billing Streamline your IT billing

Release notes 3.52018-09-14T15:02:00+00:00

Save $Thousands Each Year in Licensing Costs

How We Saved $8000/Year in Licensing Costs Through a Quick Directory Audit with vScope Optimizing licensing costs can be a tough challenge to track. You may currently be wasting your IT budget on licenses that are not in use, without knowing it! In this guide I will show you how to quickly make

Save $Thousands Each Year in Licensing Costs2019-02-04T10:28:53+00:00

Using vScope for GDPR Compliance

With just a few weeks left before GDPR enforcement day (25 May 2018), we've received a lot of enquiries related to how vScope can be used in GDPR purpose. In order to do so we are posting numerous content on our website to help you get started!

Using vScope for GDPR Compliance2018-08-13T08:11:30+00:00

GDPR and IT Operations Pt. 3 – Resources

GDPR and IT Operations Pt. 3 - Resources This is a blog series of three on the topic of GDPR, and more specifically some of the practical challenges it can pose to IT Operations when it comes to auditing and documenting access control. Part 1: What users in your network has access to

GDPR and IT Operations Pt. 3 – Resources2018-07-27T08:13:58+00:00
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